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Lift Up Your Hearts
A Caribbean Liturgical Celebration

Und ich sang
Judy´s book!

Infos of where and when you can see Judy:
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World Vision
Since Autumn 2002 Judy has officially been ambassador for the international aid agency WORLD VISION (WV).More:
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Judy and God
If you want to read more about Judy's story with God...
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The Music
Insight to Judy's thoughts and feelings are of course found in many of her songs.
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The Church Day is coming and we are there yet again. An event with many facets and stories, controversies and personalities. A place we were are very happy to get involved and where we are allowed to have a voice ... and indeed in many different ways. .

We have 11 appearances.
In concerts, talks, festivals, church services, Bible studies and with LIFESONG.

And we have co-written a song for the Kirchentag: "Klüger".
It is now available on the official Kirchentags CD.
In the songbook.
And also in this lyric video so you can learn it well :-)

In the words of the Kirchentag itself. "Judy Bailey comes right at the start. Her song ‘Klüger’, written with Thomas Laubach, is Number 1 in the Songbook and also has the potential, to be one of the hits of the Kirchentag in Stuttgart. 'Klüger” is based on this year’s Kirchentags theme ".


In the spring, we once again had the privilege of travelling with World Vision. We went to Burundi. This time our team included Mariella Ahrens (actress) and a small World Vision staff (German and local) to keep us well informed.

Burundi is a beautiful country with many wonderful people. It was amazing to see the joy despite the difficulties, the great education the children in the World Vision projects were receiving and many impressive initiatives, be it through pineapple cultivation (absolutely delicious!!!) or learning projects for young mothers. And the dedication of the local staff! - Now that we have supported "our" Asha support in Tanzania for more than 10 years, the project has now been handed over to the community. Faithful to the idea: helping people to help themselves! We have now started once again with World Vision in Burundi and are now “related by choice” to Moise, "our" new sponsored child :-)

Here is a short clip of our meeting each other:

At the same time Burundi is ridden with crisis after years of civil war. With the recent elections, unrest has come once again. All the more reason to support this small, unique country ... And a great investment here is EDUCATION! And we were able to do more than just visit schools and learning projects, but we were also able to give a donation and invest in them: From our Edeka Christmas celebration (Thanks Thomas & Team), a wedding (Thank Rommy & Stefan), a collection at a song-and-story evening (Thank Lüdenscheid) and a contribution from us. THANK YOU! !

If you want to know more about the journey and the country can start here ...


For us it has always been important not only to play concerts, but especially to share music with the people! Now with our CHOIR & RHYTHM WORKSHOP we’re going one step further: now you can learn and experience songs with musicians, and then perform them together in a concert! With you in the project choir or rhythm section!

The workshop starts Friday night, continues throughout the day on Saturday, we all perform together Saturday night, and it all ends Sunday with a church service. Our international team works with the participants on various songs. We start with body percussion and the perception of your body as an instrument. Then we continue with some singing their heart out, and the others developing their rhythm with cajon. It's about how to listen together, singing and creating music and celebrating God on stage. The highlight on Saturday night is a big concert where Judy and band integrate the results of the workshop.

With Leroy Johnson (multi-instrumentalist and Choirmaster from Leeds, England), Daniel Jakobi (drummer, producer and lecturer for rhythm & Cajon), Judy Bailey and Patrick Depuhl.

For further Information:


5 years ago, next to our larger band concerts, we started to do Song & Story Nights. We read and we sing and tell of our life's journey. Of our hopes and our good times, but also of the difficult times and crises. People come from all generations and all walks of life. And we like that a lot!

After these evenings we been told time and time again that we really should capture that on CD ... and now we have dared to try! A dialogue between music and spoken word. Ten songs straight from the heart . Along with them Judy's story full of joy and happiness - and also of those harder times, which can end up making you stronger ... LIFESONG will be available from Mid March - e.g. in our AMAZON Shop:
For this project the songs are in English, the readings are in German.

Here is a little excerpt from LIFESONG.

We truly hope that this CD inspires people and can get people talking about their faith and their hopes, about life and death , about family, about personal crises, and about the light at the end of the tunnel ...

By the way, the album should be heard as if you are watching a movie, but only with closed eyes and pictures in your head - except if you are driving a car :-)


Inspired by the Bible verse of the year in Germany ("To be near God is my happiness." Psalm 73.28) and built around Bible stories of Peter, here is a simple song. And a video showing how something wonderful can be made out of many bits and pieces ... so symbolic of what God can make out the fragments of our lives!

If you want to sing this song for your personal meditation or with others we can send you the words and chords. We also have the English lyrics available. Just send us an email :

Here's wishing you a wonderful 2014, lots of joy and "happiness"!

Incidentally, the wonderful voice heard is Jelena Herder who is currently working on her first CD ... look out for that!


In addition to the usual concerts (see dates) we'll be on the road with our book "And I sang" and another programme ... and we love it! Small. Personal. Living room atmosphere, even if it does sometimes happen in a church or a train station ...

A "life journey" evening for the heart with songs and lyrics and deco full of souvenirs from Barbados and the rest of the world. We sing, we chat, we read. Just Patrick (my husband :-)) and me. A story of God's amazing way with us. We want to personally encourage you to pursue your own story with Him ... through the great times and happiness, in spite of failure and crisis, with humor and sadness and authenticity and with the courage to get up again and again ... At these evenings you can sing. You can laugh. And you can cry.

26.9 - Uetersen (Schleswig-Holstein)
27.9 - Bad Segeberg (Schleswig-Holstein)
13.10 - Freudenstadt (Baden-Württemberg)
7.11 - Marburg (Hessen)
8.11 - Mademühlen (Hessen)
9.11 - Koblenz (Rheinland-Pfalz)
10.11 - Wilnsdorf (Nordrhein-Westfalen)
16.11 - Kernen-Stetten (Baden-Württemberg)
23.11 - Köln (Nordrhein-Westfalen)

Truly a multi-generational event. The first one we did in our village with neighbours and friend ... So go ahead and bring people into our "living room". It's gonna be good :-)


WJD 2013!!! The biggest day of the year is just around the corner: The WORLD YOUTH DAY in Rio de Janeiro, with over 1 million participants from all over the world (! We appear 8 times: smallest appearance is for 100 people in a cafe for the pilgrims. The largest performances will be on Saturday evening and Sunday morning for more than 1 million people and the Pope and will be covered by an international television broadcast. At the end of the World Youth Day, the Pope will thank the volunteers at a special event, where we will also give a 30 minute concert. Number of volunteers: 60,000!

WJD 2013!!! The dimensions of these days are incredible and we hope that not only the size, but also the blessing will be amazing.

We’ll keep you updated on our Facebook page:!

Huge thanks go out to our partners (from Bonafatiuswerk to Gerth) and also to the private donors who have contributed a large part of the cost of this " life journey". Patrick and I fly with Leroy Johnson and Daniel Jakobi. We will be supported by Brazilian musicians for the large performances.

Our WYD programme

24.7 - 15.30 – Camino: „smaller“ Konzert (cultural programme)

25.7 - 15.30 – Copacabana: Appearance at the international show (Main event/international TV broadcast)

26.7 - 20.00 – Copacabana: Concert (Main event/international TV broadcast)

27.7 - 19.00 – Guaratiba/Campus Fidei: Song at the Vigil with Pope Francis (Main event/international TV broadcast)

27.7 - 22.00 – Guaratiba/Campus Fidei: Songs as a part of the international programme right after the Vigil (Main event/international TV broadcast)

28.7 - 10.00 – Guaratiba/Campus Fidei: Singing the official World Youth Day song at the Mass with Pope Francis (Judy sings the German verse) (Main event/international TV broadcast)

28.7 - Rio Centro: approx. 16.00 Uhr – Concert at the Pope’s „Thank you event“ for the WYD’s 60 000 voluntary helpers

Plus – Surprise concert at Café Shalom (approx. 100 people).


To celebrate, we have put together a new version of the song "Spirit of Freedom" which already caused a stir for the World Cup in South Africa. Fresh this time around is Metaphysics (Söhne Mannheims) with a new rap.

We're giving this song „Spirit of Freedom“ away around the time of the World Youth Day to all our old and new FACEBOOK FANS :-) - Just „like“ FREE DOWNLOADS and it’s yours to own! (Offer is valid immediately ... but only for a limited time).

Like, share, and forward - we would be delighted to win a few new friends with this! THANK YOU!


Lift Up Your Hearts Very quietly - and fittingly so - (and also after several years of work) we published an unusual CD and a songbook this year: A liturgical worship celebration. I’ve put new music to some old treasures that I’ve carried in me since my childhood.

"Lift Up Your Hearts" is 38 pieces for church choirs and worship bands or whoever wants to try something new, for personal meditation and simply for inspiration. We thank our publishers here again, for CD (Gerth Medien) and an international version of the musicbook (Strube), as well as the four archbishops and bishops (Catholic, Anglican and evangelical) from 3 continents who recommend the work.

For more details on the background of the project, and/or to order and download (iTunes, Amazon, etc.):

In August we will accompany a one-week Caribbean Anglican Bishops’ Conference in Barbados celebrating the new liturgy with the clergy every day. In addition we will play at a festival in Barbados.


Pro Christ 2013!!! In beautiful contrast to the unusual and small locations on the "Travelling Tour" 2012, this year has been full with many conferences and major events. We often „perform“ up to ten times at such events. From open singing to worship, concerts to song-and-story nights, workshops to festival appearances (often with the workshop musicians or choirs) or simply accompanying the event...

Spring 2013!!! January – Zukunftskongress („Future Congress“): (Erfurt) BR> February – Promikon (Marburg) & Missionale (Cologne)
March – ProChrist (Stuttgart)
April – Spring (Willingen), Firmlingstag (Nuremberg) & Women's Breakfast Congress (Kassel)
May – Kirchentag („Churchday“) (Hamburg)
June – LAJULA (Graben-Neudorf) Hessentag (Kassel) & Jubilee Independence Kenya (Nairobi) BR> July – World Youth Day (Rio de Janeiro)


After having sung in recent months and on various occasions, for the NRW Minister President Hannelore Kraft (SPD), and Christine Lieberknecht, the Minister President of Thuringia (CDU) or for the leading Green candidate and Vice President of the German Bundestag Katrin Goering Eckardt ...

We got a direct invitation this summer for the first time from the Ministry of Economic Cooperation and Development to sing for one of their events. Minister Dirk Niebel (FDP), honored individuals and organizations who had made their commitment to the goals of German development policy with the Walter Scheel Prize. And we had the honour of livening up the men and women at the ceremony a little bit...


Kenia 2013!!! It has been a privilege for us over the years to experience more and more countries of the continent that we have fallen in love with so much: Africa. And we just could not say no as Kenya invited us to its 50th birthday.

Kenia 2013!!! So in June 2013 we were in Nairobi for a week. We visited the UN headquarters in Africa, Patrick gave a presentation for a "Leadership Conference" at Kenyatta University, we rehearsed and worked with young Kenyan musicians, visited a wonderful "live radio show "with DJ Moz for two hours, sang for women in prison as well as for their children born there and sang at two festivals with our band (along with the Kenyan musicians) for Kenya’s 50th anniversary! Asante sana! Bwana asifiwe Kenya!BR>


David Award 2013!!! We’ve been awarded the DAVID AWARD! This prize is currently awarded every 2 years at the Promikon Musikmesse... and in the past has always been awarded to German men; until now! :-) Happy to have been included in this prestigious line of great „long term“ artists who have been blessing with their music for years! Thank you!!


We’ve been awarded the DAVID AWARD! This prize is currently awarded every 2 years at the Promikon Musikmesse... and in the past has always been awarded to German men; until now! :-) Happy to have been included in this prestigious line of great „long term“ artists who have been blessing with their music for years! Thank you!!


A video in grey November days. About the grief of the last goodbye ... and the joy of knowing that the end is a beginning. Under Info on YouTube you can get the complete text (with German translation). We are very happy about the first encouraging responses and 1000 views in the first week ...

Life goes on ...
It weighs my heart, fills my head
Trust me - This is taking so much more
Than I could ever imagine
Why're you looking for me here,
At what remains, you seem to say
It's almost like you're standing next to me whispering to me that
Life goes on

• "Judy, this is sooo beautiful beyond compare. Thank you."
• "So, so good and beautiful. Thank you for magic moments."
• "You can hardly do this better - to portray such a heavy topic with music and video so sensitively and in such a moving way. Authentic and artistically pure and perfect Thanks.."
• "so beautiful you could cry! Thank you!"
• "For me one of the most moving songs about a topic about which we are so reluctant to speak about, but which affects us all at some point ..."

Thanks to YOU!


Streaming LIVE on 30.11. 30.12.2012! On 6:10 GERTH MUSIC and the ERF gave an invitation to the POP LOUNGE in Wetzlar. The tickets could ONLY be won. The unique radio unplugged concert for a small audience in a living room atmosphere ... can now be heard by all on 30/11/2012 at ERF Pop streaming LIVE The concert (over 2 hours live!) will be repeated at the end of the year (30/12/12 at 21.00 German time).

All Info:


Meet the artists, the instruments, the songs and the vision of "Travelling":


Judy mit dem EDEKA-Filialleiter Thomas Luft.
Auch in ihrem Dorf gibt Judy ein ungewöhnliches Konzert. We had the idea on a long drive. Wouldn’t it be great to go with these songs, which themselves are so full of life, right into everyday life situations? Right into normal life with its light and shadows…? After months of planning and preparation, our idea became a vision, and the vision, which was soon shared by many others who too were inspired by the idea, became a tour!!!

So with our new album “Travelling” we are going on quite an unusual journey. That is, to places, most of which are perhaps not very typical for concerts – but each of which, in its own way, is a part of everyday life. We’ll sing in a supermarket, at a church construction site, in a silverware factory, in a car showroom, a refugee home, a prison and many other places…

The Judy Bailey travelling TOUR 2012

01.03.2012 München (Munich) – Kirchenkeller (Church Cellar)
02.03.2012 Nürnberg – Flüchtlingswohnheim (Refugee Hostel)
03.03.2012 Walsdorf – Gasthaus "Weißes Lamm" (Guest House)
08.03.2012 Essen – Kirubai Kommunitäts-WG (Flat-sharing Community)
12.03.2012 Alpen – EDEKA-Markt (Supermarket)
15.03.2012 Iserlohn – Justizvollzugsanstalt (Prison)
16.03.2012 Iserlohn – Autohaus (Car Showroom/Car Dealership)
17.03.2012 Chemnitz – Arche (Jugendzentrum) (Youth Centre)
18.03.2012 Reichenbach – McDonald's
18.03.2012 Berlin – Gedächtniskirche
24.03.2012 Lüdenscheid – Friedhofskapelle (Graveyard Chapel)
24.03.2012 Lüdenscheid – Kirche (Church)
28.03.2012 Fulda – Saal (Hall)
29.03.2012 Nürtingen – Alter Schlachthof (Former Slaughterhouse)
30.03.2012 Herbrechtingen – Wassermühle (Water Mill)
31.03.2012 Burghausen – Gemeinde (Church Community)
01.04.2012 Passau – Festsaal St. Valentin (Ballroom)
02.04.2012 Heilbronn – Bar
07.04.2012 Berlin – Hauptbahnhof (Main Railway Station)
09.04.2012 Berlin – Spree-Ausflugsschiff (Ship)
21.04.2012 Essen – Autowerkstatt "Alte Schmiede" (Car Repair Shop)
28.04.2012 Mettmann – Fertigungshalle „Mono Besteck“ (Silverware Factory)
29.04.2012 Wolfhagen – Kulturladen (Cultural Shop)
04.05.2012 Köln – Arche Noah (Noah’s Ark)
05.05.2012 Ascheberg – Dorfkirche (Village Church)
06.05.2012 Bonn – Konfirmationsgottesdienst (Confirmation Service)
11.05.2012 Olpe – Kinderhospiz Balthasar (Children’s Hospice)
13.05.2012 Herdecke – Kammermusiksaal (Chamber Music hall)
16.05.2012 Bad Homburg – Kindergarten
17.05.2012 Mannheim – Katholikentag (Catholic Day)
27.05.2012 Velbert – Bleibergquelle
28.05.2012 Stadtallendorf – Stadthalle (City Hall)
01.06.2012 Spangenberg – Burgsitz
02.06.2012 Wetzlar – Domplatz (Hessentag) (Cathedral Square)
05.06.2012 Krefeld – Camp
10.06.2012 Frankfurt – Flughafen (Airport)
15.06.2012 Friedberg – Bürgersaal (Town Hall)
16. & 17.06.2012 Koblenz – Kirchenbaustelle (Church Construction Site)

Updates also here:
Further Details under Dates: Subject to Change.



After the surprise success of „Spirit of Freedom“ (the song on the official album for the World Cup in South Africa) comes another summer hit for all those who love football and/or women ☺ „Sisters have the power to do it!“

Of course it is about football, but also about much more! It’s about being strong, about being a woman, so keep your head up, keep holding on to your faith and don’t give up!“

The song around this huge summer event will be released online on the 17.6.2011 on iTunes, amazon, musicload, etc.; the You-Tube video with photos from many Facebook fans and friends has just been put online. Judy and her band presented "We’re doing it!" on 2.6.2011 in the Dresden Ice Rink at an event with Steffi Jones and others.

“We’re so close we’ve come this far Shine like stars yes we are Play it hard play it fair Now get those banners in the air”

“We’re so close we’ve come this far
Shine like stars yes we are
Play it hard play it fair
Now get those banners in the air”


It was wonderful to have our feet on African soil once again! First we were in Cape Town, South Africa in Autumn. Over 4000 leaders from 198 countries met for over a week for exchange regarding their faith, their hopes and their vision. Along with Trevor Sampson (South Africa) I had the privilege of leading the singing and also the band which accompanied the main music of the event. The artists and musicians in the band came from South Korea, Japan, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Germany, Latvia, Jamaica, Canada, USA, Kenya, Egypt, Mozambique, South Africa and again and again extended to include further guests from other countries in various sessions. (You can see many photos of this colorful and vibrant group on our facebook page:

At the beginning of the year we headed off to Namibia with a small "unplugged" set up and played concerts in 5 cities from Windhoek to Otjiwarongo. Very full and special days in a wide, spacious and wonderful country. One of many special moments: A concert in "Christuskirche", at the crossroad where Fidel-Castro-Street and Robert-Mugabe-Avenue meet...


It is my football miracle of the summer!“, beams Judy Bailey. We wrote a song for the Football World Cup in South Africa: „Spirit of Freedom“. This song was chosen by SONY New York and other responsible persons for the World Cup for the official Album "Listen Up!" Here she finds herself among a chosen few internationally acclaimed artists, for on the CD are only 12 songs, with the likes of Shakira, Wyclef, Angelique Kidjo and R. Kelly. Judy's song also appears on "Hello Afrika" another official Sony Music Africa Compilation for the World Cup.

We produced the World Cup song with Steve, a friend (and my best man J) from London and with mixed with another friend close by (Düsseldorf). In the official album version a South African group Uju, sings and raps along. All profits from the CD go to the official “Football for Hope” campaign, to build 20 centres for education, health and football throughout Africa.

Now Barbados just has to become world champion… :-)


The 2nd Ecumenical kirchentag takes place in Munich 12 – 16.5.2010…and we will be there at several venues. Hope to see you…See for more information.

17.30 „Opening service“ Thesienwiese

14.00 „Globale Welt ohne globale Ordnung“ (Global world without global order) Halle A4, Messegelände
20.00 „Humor hilft hoffen“ (Humour helps hope) With Eckart von Hirschhausen, Jürgen Becker and Judy Bailey & Band Circus Krone

9.30 „Bible study with Prof. Johanna Haberer“ Olympia-Eisstadion, Trainingshalle
11.00 „Am Rand und in der Mitte - Rechtsextremismus in Deutschland“ Olympia-Eisstadion, Trainingshalle
14.00 „Einheit ist möglich“ (Unity is possible) Olympia-Eisstadion, Olympiapark
20.00 „Alter Wein in neue Schläuche“ (Old wine in new wineskins) (Anglican service with new music we composed for parts of the liturgy) Halle A4, Messegelände

12.45 Readings and songs segment Halle B4 (Kirchentagsbuchhandlung), Messegelände
14.00 "Afghanistan - Krieg ohne Ende?" Olympia-Eisstadion, Olympiapark
16.00 "Frieden ist möglich!" Olympia-Eisstadion, Olympiapark
20.00 „Ready to Fly - Lebensfreude pur!“ with Special Guests Metaphysics & October Light Seebühne im Olympiapark


When “Ready to fly” was released the title song of the album entered the Crosschannel Charts (making it to number 1 at points…and over a half year later it is still in the Top 20 (currently at number 8)! We would be happy if it hangs in there a bit longer. So vote

Thanks for the support!


After the year for us began with us in Barbados, we ended off our January in India. We gave a big Open Air concert in Goa and played in the 25th country ofour musical journey. That was our third trip to Asia after Hong Kong and Singapore.

In the words of one of the organizers: “I even believe a deaf person would have enjoyed the concert if he/she were there on that day. Because we experienced something different, something special with Judy and her band that touched us all … LOVE!”


More Info. Special Deals. Wan to stay in touch ... Simply sign up here to get our newsletter:


Ready to fly!!! 18th September is the release of our 8th CD: Ready To Fly (Gerth Medien) – exactly 20 years after I sang for my first studio album in London… We have worked long and hard and with lots of love on each aspect of this CD – and we are truly very happy with the result! Over 25 musicians and singers from Germany, Great Britain, Barbados, Croatia and South Africa worked along with us eg. Kosho & Metaphysics from the Söhnen Mannheims, Sarah Brendel, October Light, Flameus, Andrew Mc Gregor, Viking Tundah, iThemba and the one and only Eska Mtungwazi as well as, of course, our Band!
The wonderful photos were taken by Patrick in Barbados.


Ready to fly!!! Mid-September is the release of our first book: „Und ich sang“ (And I sang…) Brendow Publishing. In 144 pages of full colour I tell my story with many photos and songs. In addition there are many statements from those who accompanied me on my way; school friends from Barbados have their say as well as various artists who shared a part of my journey. I want to do much more with the book though than just tell my story: I want to encourage people to trust in God, even in the ups and downs of life. Miriam Gamper designed the whole thing and along with the photos from all phases of my life, there are many nice details like a page of my diary of the day that I was in Germany for the very first time or a wonderful recipe for my mother’s for coconut bread! Mmmmm Yummy.


Ready to fly!!! As of now we have an official Facebook page at:
Every day til the album release we’ll put up a new photo from our Barbados photo sessions 2009!

You can listen to the new tracks on our newly designed MySpace:

For all who prefer Twitter you can also check:


After my belly and I had a few concerts in May and June (the last one on the 27.6.09 on a ship), Jacob Farai our third son made his way into our family at 4000g. Along with Levi the big big brother and Noah the little big brother we are proud, happy and thankful! At the same time we send blessings to the Jakobis (Daniel is our drummer) and Julius who came the week after Jacob, and to Sarah Brendel (who still took the time to sing a duet on Ready TO Fly) and to Stefan, who had their first baby Pekka-Lu at the beginning of August.


Big thanks go out to ROLAND who continue supporting us with their great keyboards. Our guys on the keys Roy and Steve were inspired by the sounds of the Fantom G8 and the RD 300GX with Sonic Cell Synth Module and had lots of fun putting our new album "Ready To Fly" together. Apart from that we also broadened the rhythm on some songs with Roland's V-Drums. NICE! We thank them for their first class support and are happy to recommend great products. You can find them at and at a dealer of your choice.


Jesus in my house!!! Gerth Medien is celebrating its 60th anniversary and has invited us to celebrate along with a Platinum edition of our first "Best-Of" Album titled "Jesus in my House". Here you'll find classics from five Judy Bailey CD-Productions, along with a few "specials". "Nothing less than God in me" is released for the first time in Germany, as well as the extended Live version of the song "Surrounded; this is the real ending of the Live recording 11.08 minutes long, but just could not fit on the Live album. But now, here you have it.

14 tracks with a total playing time of over 70 minutes. Released in Januaury for 9,99 Euro. The perfect way to bridge the gap til the next Judy Bailey album arrives in Autumn 2009!


Promikon!!! Promikon: After a year's break the 16th Promikon International Music Fair takes place in Giessen. For over 12 hours 50 Bands and artists will perform on 5 stages. We have the honour of rounding up the day with the closing concert. On stage with us will be a couple friends from our Live CD "Surrounded": Kosho & Metaphysics from the Söhne Mannheims. You just should not miss this! All details about the event - music, networking, workshops, tickets here –


Once again there is something to celebrate. After having toured throughout Germany for 8 months, the 2008 South African-German Ithemba teams say goodbye to friends today at a small Gala, and on 6.12. with a final concert. From 19.30 is "Best of Ithemba 2008" and from 21.00 Judy Bailey & Band in concert. Entrance is free, donations welcome and we expect it to be a fantastic party in Darmstadt. It would be wonderful to see you! – iThemba!!!

Actually on 6.12 maybe a few of you out of Frankfurt may just run into us while you are doing your Christmas shopping. We play a short Solo concert in the biggest "market place" of the region, the Main-Taunus-Zentrum. From 18.00 on the central stage –


One of our first big band travels lead us to South Africa in the year 2000 and we always knew – we want to go there again! That time comes again on 20.09 and we head over there with a small band. First we play at an international young leaders' conference – with the emphasis on Africa! Participants from 99 countries are expected to be present and we were asked to write and produce a theme song for the event. "Nothing less than God in me" is the result. It turned out really well and could just find its way onto the next CD. Til then, if you want why not have a listen and look at the lyrics on our myspace page.

After the YFC conference we will meet old friends Moss & Khumo Nthla and will give a concert and celebrate special services with them and a few different churches.


The internet magazine has now published a photo diary with our comments Bildertagebuch from our Australia trip. Apart from that there is Interview an interview in two parts with Lars Peter (Keys), Daniel Jakobi (Drums) and Judy. All turned out well and the perfect opportunity to have a glimpse into this very special trip.


On 6.09 there will bet he last fireworks before the lights go out…You can experience one of the most energetic bands of the last few years at the Jumprock-Festival. With Crushead - lastSHOW --- Judy Bailey --- Verra Cruz (GB) --- Make up your mind (NL) --- Warumontag --- Baff - revival-Special --- Arson --- Nulltarif --- D-Projekt --- Kashew --- Freequency --- Tash

Come and celebrate!!! We are looking forward to it…Infos and Tickets:


You already knew that we would play at World Youth Day on 19.07 in Sydney for 300 000…however it just got even better: The event will be broadcast for TV internationally – including our performance. Which stations will broadcast when we don't know as yet. What already looks probable though is that ZDF as well as many other smaller channels will broadcast the World Youth Day. Let's see…


WYD 2008!!! In the summer we’ll be heading off to Australia with a fantastic team of 11 musicians from Germany and England, along with several hundred thousand youth from all over the world, not to mention the Pope from Rome. First we’ll give a „smaller“ opening concert in Melbourne at the „Telstra Dome“ before 50 000, then we play in the following days in front of the world famous Sydney Opera House, at the Sydney Domain and right before the vigil ceremonies at the Randwick Racecourse. We’ll be on at 6.00pm; the Vigil with the Pope starts at 7.00pm and over 300 000 people are expected.

The World Youth Day is the largest youth event in the world. Australia is preparing for the start of the biggest Live-event in the continent’s history, and will pull even more international visitors than the 2000 Olympics.

ALBERT SCHWEIZER FILM!!! It’s nothing new that Africa is on our hearts and that for years eg. along with World Vision, we’ve been supporting various projects there. Now Judy has contributed the title track to a film about a man who also loved Africa: Albert Schweitzer. The film makers chose „Reach“ (from the album „Found the Sun“) to support the film of the Nobel Peace Prize winner’s life. The documentary „Leben mit einer Vision“ („Life with a Vision“) ( (in German) is primarily conceptualised as subject matter and basis for discussion in school classes.

"Jesus is on the move (God is not dead)" is our contribution to the official Christ ival CD: "Von Jesus bewegt". October Light from Croatia, iThemba from South Africa, Viking Tundah from Barbados und Eska Mtungwazi from London can all be heard on the track. Our guitarist Thilo Speckmann from Cologne produced the track. The song is the international bonus track on the album and is the only song in English. Have a listen here:

Our week began in Thessloniki - our first time playing in Greece, at the invitation of the Greek Christian Artists Association. Besides a few seminars for young Greek artists, we also had concerts in Leptokaria and in Katerini. After two performances in Germany in Kierspe and Hanover, the week came to an end with 1500 youth at the „Katholieke Jongerendag“ in Den Bosch, Holland. Further concerts follow in Germany in Krefeld, Dautphetal, Kempten, Herne and Schwäbisch Gmünd before we go to England and Barbados. After a Caribbean cruise at Easter, and London and Singapore in the summer, it really has turned out to be a great travelling year!

KICC is with over 10 000 members one of, if not the biggest, European church, and founded by a Nigerian, Matthew Ashimolowo, in North London. End of August, beginning of September we will be at their Youth Conference “What Da X” (what a cool name) and then at the IGOC Gathering. Finally our British musicians get the chance once again not to have to travel so far and we can travel over from not too far away to celebrate with 12 000 – 15 000 Africans and British! Who happens to be in London for the weekend, can come by and join in. J Other musical guests include: Byron Cage, Israel Houghton, Donnie Mc Clurkin and the KICC Mass Choir.

This week we’ll be off to Asia for the second time and doing music in our 22nd country. We are looking forward to the World Council Meeting where we will be playing. Board members and leaders from World Vision Offices from every continent will meet to define goals and vision for the coming years. We will be along daily helping to set spiritual basis for the conference. And we think such a foundation is a solid one for planning!

Last weekend, under the banner of the “smallest concert in the world” and the programme “Kreuz und Quer” we gave a concert at the radio station FFH. The audience were the winners of a competition which ran in the previous weeks on the station. The evening was kicked off by an ecumenical service, followed by a concert and barbecue. FFH broadcast the whole thing over its digital internet channel (unfortunately we knew too late, otherwise we would have told you). In run up to the event, you could hear songs from the Judy Live CD on FFH for over 6 weeks. Congratulations! We love radios which play live material! FFH is actually the biggest private station in Hessen. Oh, and if you think you heard Judy on Antenne Bayern, you’re probably right. Here again, you could also catch her in an interview and some of our music.

We just got summer post from “our” Asha in Tanzania and “our” Ayib in Senegal; everyone who has a sponsored child knows the joy of that. But there is another thing that it’s worth reminding you of. Simply: Every 20 seconds a child loses his father or mother to AIDS. Unbelievable! These children never had the chance to say: “Don’t give AIDS a chance” because AIDS already took their chance. If you want to know more about this initiative which is exactly geared to these children (and there are many of these children), then we recommend you check out this campaign which we’ve been supporting since last autumn: Give the children a chance.

Unfortunately still no Tour in Australia (yet) – but just last week received a CD from “Garage Hymnal”, an Australian initiative. Next to many Australian tracks. You can also hear “Call for mercy”. Maybe you know it from our album “Run to You”. Nice to hear a very different version of our own song!

Last weekend the newspaper “Rheinischer Merkur” published a very detailed interview with Judy… Basically really good and can be found under (only in German). It was worth almost a whole page to the Merkur. Cool. It’s worth mentioning though: Judy is, according to the article, not just born in 1980, nor did she get married at 17! Nor did she then already have Top10 Hits. Well, we all make mistakes J What totally outweighs any errors though, is the joy that such media step out and observe and comment on what we are up to.

Lydia, no woman, but a women’s magazine, let Judy “ponder” a while. Ponder about travelling, and “being a mother – near and far”, about Levi here and Ayib in Senegal and the child lying under her heart (who in the meantime is now 7 months old). You can see the results in their latest edition of the magazine. Whoever is mother, wants to be one, or has one, can have a look...:-) WITH JIMMY KELLY AND PATRICK NUO AT BODENSEE A great and growing festival at Bodensee in Wilhelmsdorf, and we’ll be there once again. Great to see and share the stage with Jimmy Kelly (who also sung on the album “Surrounded”), and Patrick Nuo (who we know from Zeichen der Zeit) there. It’s always a wonderful atmosphere down there. Maybe we’ll see you then!?

Our Kirchentag (Church Day event) was full, wonderful and very special with what was definitely the highlight for us on Friday evening at the cult location Tanzbrunnen in Cologne. Most of the Live Album Band was with us and we had 2 brother teams as special guests: Metaphysics plus brother Carl Pritt, and Thomas and Arthur Enns. We celebrated with approximately 6500 of you.

Thanks for all the encouraging comments which have been flowing in since then:”Your show on Friday at the Tanzbrunnen really moved me to tears!” – “I have to say, Judy is an inspiring personality, who moved the thousands of people to feel comfortable, and important and loved!” – “At your concert everybody was singing and dancing and making a queue and walking around the stage “Surrounded…sourrounded..ohhhhh…ohhhhhEVERYBODY !!!” – “So outstandingly, so wonderful. Wonderful voices from the Background, WOW! I enjoy this concert so much! Also Meta…he was awesome!” – “…I did not want to leave because I found it so wonderful!” Also for us – absolute WOW!

What we announced in the last newsletter is now reality. We are driving safely and comfortably on Germany’s street’s in a Volvo XC 90! We just test drove the first 10 000 Km and remain impressed: it’s quite amazing how has become much more fun and is now a much smoother affair J Anyway: Thanks Volvo and Teppe-Team for your very practical support!

Jesus House will take place for the fourth time! And for five evenings this event will be broadcast live from the Fischauktionshalle in Hamburg to over 750 places in Europe. It’s all about starting again, life, love, hope and wonder…with Christina Brudereck and Torsten Hebel, along with many other guests who talk about it, sing about it and live it. A real gotta-go-to-and-take-along-others event for 16 – 21 year olds. Judy will be there along with other musical guests. We are happy that Metaphysics will be with us after our work together on the live album. If you “tune in” Wednesday 25.4 then you’ll be able to see us – of course it is also worth tuning in every day for the rest of the program. More info:

The company Gerth, who put out the new CD “Surrounded” is offering a free MP3-download of the song “Get up” until 31.3.2007. Have a look at Apart from that you can still get the encore “Surrounded reprise jam” (we ran out of space on the CD) here for free:

After a short and intense night on 9.1.2007 Noah tendai stepped into our family. A big guy of 4220g and 57cm, very fit and hungry. Levi who had already made friends with the belly in the past months, is a super big brother (Motto: at least 100 kisses per day!). Thanks for all your prayers and thoughts for our strat of the year as a foursome.

The Wetzlar-Live-Recording-Days with over 1000 of you were absolutely wonderful! Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. That was unforgettable! Through the many emails you sent in we also could tell that you were just as happy as we were to share the experience: „Just fabulous...“, Incredible!!!“, God is great!“, „IT WAS THE ABSOLUTE HIT!“, „The six hour train ride was definitely worth it“, „ really touched me that Jimmy Kelly sang „Jesus in my house““; „Healing for my soul“, ....

There’s already been a first concert review (recommended! though sorry, it’s in German) with first photos from Alex Kuehr: „If we did not want to admit it before now, the first recording evening showed quite impressively, that Judy Bailey and her talented friends have truly become the figurehead to the Christian scene in Germany. What is wonderful to see is Judy’s natural way of conveying her deep and in-love-with-life faith, along with a professional high musical standard for herself as well her artists“. See for the whole story.

Now we are right in the middle of the next phase: edits, mix (writing right now from a studio in Mannheim), mastering, along with photos, graphics etc. Everyone is really putting their all into it and we are certain that on all levels, this album is going to be just as unique and fantastic as the concerts themselves.

For everyone who preordered the CD at the concerts: Good news – we are right in the time plan and it looks as if you’ll be sure to get the album before Christmas. We want to make all newslettter subscribers a special offer ... all others can get a hold of the CD at the beginning of 2007.

We’ve got just two months from today til we say for the first time: Welcome to the Judy Bailey LIVE-RECORDING! We are really looking forward to it and just finished up an extremely promising rehearsal weekend. Along with the usual suspects in the big Judy–Bailey-Band line up (4 German & 3 English musicians accompanying Judy), we’ve got two of the Soehne Mannheims (Metaphysics and Kosho), a friend from London who used to sing backing vocals with us, and who after having travelled the world is back with us for this project (Eska Mtungwazi), and on Friday we’ve even got Jimmy Kelly (who normally performs solo or with his family)...

The Live-Recording-Concerts generate huge costs and are more expensive than a studio production. The production budget indeed covers a good part of the budget (otherwise the tickets would be more expensive), but we can only work in these dimensions if we sell tickets. Unfortunately we can’t afford to invite all of you for free. Thanks for your understanding and your support. Hopefully we’ll see each other in Wetzlar! It will definitely be a unique time!!!

MORE INFO: WWW.JUDY-LIVE.DE (Sorry, only in German)

In Germany: 06449 – 7190080
International: +49 - 6449 – 7190080

That we would somehow have something to do with the World Cup with it happening here in Germany was already clear…but now it’s official: we will celebrate the opening of the World Cup on June 9th in the official service in the Liebfrauendom in Munich. The event will be broadcast by ZDF (one of the two official World Cup TV stations). There will also be contributions from Andi Weiss and Florence Joy. Wolfgang Huber, head of the German Protestant church will preach, and Jorginho, world champion 1994 will also be involved in intercessory prayers. The exact details of the music are being pulled together in the following days. What stands though is that we’ll be apart of it with at least one of our songs. During the World Cup we’ll also be a part of various football events in various World Cup cities (besides Munich also Kaiserslautern, Frankfurt, Stuttgart, Dortmund und Düsseldorf), but also in other cities burning with football fever. A few are still being set up: but what’s sure is that we’ll have the chance to deliver the music to go with the football celebrations.

For as long as we can remember, at the end of almost every concert we are asked the same question: When are you going to do a Live album? The answer is as of today: Soon – very soon! --- On 29th and 30th of September and the 1st of October we will transform a former auto showroom, which is now a church, into music studio. The Anskar church in Wetzlar will become a giant studio for three nights in a row with us – and with you! To ensure the best sound possible we decided to go to one central location, invite you and record. --- So: definitely keep one of the evenings free – this is going to be a unique thing!!! You will needs tickets to get in, but we’ll have a special rate for youth groups, world travellers, families, … Special ideas (related to the concerts, side show, special guests, and having those present “immortalised” :-) on the CD,…) are still coming together, but we just couldn’t wait to tell you any longer! If you have any ideas, questions, comments, suggestions, please let us know at Other then that: Start looking forward to it from now. The rest we’ll tell you in time.

The most attentive Newsletter readers would not have missed this in our first newsletter at the beginning of the year: we announced that we would do a limited number of small, up close and personal concerts. Photos, songs and stories from our World Vision Africa visit, should find a new home in German living rooms. Over 60 living rooms were interested in having us and we let ourselves to be convinced to take these concerts to 15 of them, rather than the initial 10 we had intended
We can truly say: what came out of a crazy idea to do these special concerts and charge a squared meter fee, is truly a wonderful thing! The tour is booked out, but maybe a few of you can squeeze into a living room here or there to experience these special evenings (often the events are not public because of the size, but are especially for friends, churches and neighbours. Just ask us…). It is definitely – for us too – quite an experience! … and no: despite some rumours – there is no broadcasting or technical tricks – we sing and talk to all those who are there in between family photographs and furniture
There will be a chance to share the experience over cable and satellite. A camera team will squeeze into a living room with us at the end of the week and will broadcast their observations from 29th April over various TV channels. More info about the TV times under “Dates” (29.4) on

Judy will be in Senegal with World Vision mid January. There she will visit AIDS-, Development- and football projects. After Congo and Tanzania, this will be her third country that she will be visiting with World Vision. The start of the trip will be Dakar where she will sing at a small international conference, then it will be off a bit more south. Judy: „Once again it will all be about meeting people, speaking with and listening to them, and also singing for and with them.“ She wants to encourage, but also hear their stories and learn about their problems. Then when we return we’ll be able to tell others about what we’ve experienced, and try to make people in Europe more conscious of the hardships faced by many and challenge and encourage them to do their part to help.

On the 12.9.05 Judy and band will be on tour in Germany. The concerts take place in 10 cities all throughthe country. 12.09.2005 Bremen - 13.09.2005 Braunschweig - 14.09.2005 Mühlheim a.d. Ruhr - 16.09.2005 Frankfurt/Main - 17.09.2005 Kaiserslautern - 18.09.2005 Altensteig - 19.09.2005 Munich - 20.09.2005 Leipzig - 21.09.2005 Berlin - 22.09.2005 Hamburg. Along with Arne Kopfermann and band they will celebrate the 25 year anniversary of the organisation World Vision, for which both are ambassadors. Profits from the tour will be donated to WV. Judy visited projects of the organisation in 2003 in D.R. Congo, in Rwanda and Tanzania.
Directly after Judy stays on the road and plays in Gerlingen 23.9 – Düsseldorf on 24.9 – and ends up playing Stuttgart 25.9 with 3 performances!

(Broadcast. 15.08.05 – 5.40 pm)

A major German TV station ZDF has integrated us into a short special programme about the World Youth day: “A Song for Cologne: Rock and Pop at the World Youth Day”. The TV team accompanied us for a whole day as we visited Marienfeld (Mary field – the place where the largest event at the World youth Day will be held – we play there on Saturday), and then went on with us to Christ Camp. On August 15th at around 5.40pm you can see how a whole day’s work, along with spots from the band “Alle der Kosmonauten” and a group of pilgrims all fits together to a work of art.
Jochen Bank the ZDF editor responsible for the programme made the following statement: “Christianity, as Judy Bailey lives it out, genuine and without compromise - that is the world. Her emotional directness is disarming, faith and living are one with her. She makes sceptics like me think.”
Just in case you can read German you can see the whole statement in full length under The official advertising of the programme can be found under:
By the way, concerning misleading info in the ad, of course the Soehne Mannheims were never accompanying band for Judy, however Judy was on the Soehne Tour last year and is doing and has done various stuff with various of the Soehne.


On Saturday 20.08 Judy & band open the musical programme on Marienfeld – the field specially set up for and dedicated to the largest two events of the World Youth Day. Judy says: “We are extremely happy to have received this direct invitation from the World Youth day offices to be a part of this extraordinary celebration!!!” In the evening the Pope will celebrate a vigil with approximately 800 000 to 1 million people. The pre programme in the run up to prayer will have musical contributions from pop in the widest sense to Jewish music to from us the following will perform: Kelly family, Take 6, Yair Dalal, Giora Feldman & Ensemble, Monserrat Marti and Moya Brennan.

On the following day, J-star has organised a festival in the same place where Cliff Richard, Delirious and others play sometime after a mass with the Pope.

(Broadcast: 15.08.05 - from 4.00 pm)

On 14.08.05 our concert in Münster (Hindenburgplatz) with an expected 20 000 visitors will be recorded by WDR and broadcast on the next day (15.08). The broadcast will run via UKW (87,6 in Cologne), nationwide via MW (774/720 KHz) and via DAB; between 4.00pm und 7.00 pm there will be a report out of Münster ( Apart from that Cosmo Klein also plays in Münster and will also be broadcast on the 15th.


On 18.8 Patrick & Judy will be the MCs (!) for the international festival of the World Youth Day “Bridging the World”. 35 000 people are expected and there will be bands from Mexiko: Los de Abajo; Afrika: Tinariven & Didier Awadi and Indien/England: Achanak. In addition the work of various aid organisations will be introduced, with many diverse interviews and interesting ideas all with the aim of increasing awareness of what is going on in our world. Judy Bailey is also ambassador for the international aid organisation World Vision and with Patrick was first hand able to get a better picture of the need out there as well as the work of World Vision.


There will be around 200 artists/bands playing on all kinds of stages in and around Cologne at the World Youth Day. Quite a few artists have songs on compilation CDs for the event. We are on 2 samplers:

J-Star/Edel have put out the official sampler: “Building One World – The World Youth Day compilation” with one song of ours.
Gerth/ZYX has 2 of our songs on another CD “Näher zu dir” (Nearer to you).


Ever since meeting Lescez in Germany in 2000 he invited us to come over to be a part of his event. And it finally came together. Judy & Band flew over for their third concert in Poland and had a great time with about 2000 people in an energised tent.

(Broadcast: 03.07.05 – 6.15pm)

The most popular german Travel show “Vox-Tours” travelled with us to Judy’s home island of Barbados. The camera team accompanied Judy for several days and filmed many of her activities including a performance at Gospelfest, an appearance on the TV show “Chat Room”, visits to her friends Eddy Grant and Gabby, with her family on the beach, etc. What and how the actual broadcast will be like remains to be seen, and will be a surprise also for us…but the work with the TV team was all positive on the island.

VOX writes the following in their advertising for the show: “’Baby come back’: The singer Judy Bailey who lives in Germany, and who’s already made it to the Top 10 in the German charts, travels back to her home island of Barbados after her great success in Europe There she meets her former producer Eddy Grant and sings at the incredible Barbados Gospelfest.”

By Top 10 VOX is referring to the Artist Community Project “Zeichen der Zeit (Signs of the Times”) and Eddy had indeed produced the album “Between you and me” in the mid-90s. So – let’s see. A bit of Barbados never hurt anyone; and certainly not Judy Bailey.


Before a crowd of thousands of YMCAers and right after a moving speech by former german Bundespresident Johannes Rau, Judy sang „Don’t you know“ at the closing ceremony of „KOMMT“ in Kassel. The end of the international celebrations was marked by a goodbye with loads of sunflowers to the General Secretary of the german YMCA Ulrich Parzany who has served over the past several years, and to thousands singing Judy’s YMCA song: Inspired to serve” (already a hit at European Festivals in Prague and Denmanrk). A wonderful day!


For the sixth time (after Munich, Hamburg, Leipzig, Frankfurt and Berlin) we’ll be part of the biggest celebration of the Protestant Church in Germany. This event takes place every 2 years and we’ll be there over 3 days with 7 performances…

4.00 pm – exhibition hall with BBW Leipzig for hearing and speech impaired
6.00pm – Award ceremony “Fantasie des Glaubens” (Fantasy of Faith) with Wolfgang Huber and others (Judy is a jury member and will also be the musical guest of the evening).

4.30 pm Open Air: Ernst August Platz Hannover

10.30 am - exhibition hall with BBW Leipzig for hearing and speech impaired
12.00 am – exhibition hall with World Vision: Talk and music (Judy is ambassador of the aid organisation)
1.30 pm – “Buhne am Steintor” – Open Air concert with band
8.00 pm Jugendzentrum Deutscher Pavillion: Festival Concert with band (starting wit Anton and the Watergirls and Forence Joy)


A new homepage is born…and the parents come from the Judy-Team! Judy-Team are people in Germany (many youth, but also a number of adults), who support us in a special way – eg. They helped out recently at the Promikon stand, the help spread info locally when something new is up (Album, Radio, Special activities etc.), support by concert organisation and/or promo in their region, or inform us and each other when something special is happening. So depending on gifting and possibilities, we’ve got a support network of Judy friends throughout the whole of Germany. Now they have their own homepage: (only in German!). at the heart of the site is the Forum where there is great chance for exchange of the members of the team. We think it is a great idea and say big greetings to the team! If you’re interested in joining the network, simply send an email to!


On 19.03.05 the music world is getting together - or at least good part of it - in Mannheim! The international artist exhibition Promikon has moved to the "Pop city of the south, and gives the public a chance to see up to 60 (!) bands on one day.
The idea behind the whole thing is of course to give concert organisers an introduction to various bands, by way of the short performances, so that they can get a better picture of what fits best to their event and to assist them in their planning. Of course all are also welcome who simply want to enjoy the exhibition as a huge festival, and who want to see established artists along with newcomers.

So - make sure you come! We will play for 20 minutes at the exhibition at 7.00 pm and will also have a small quite personal stand throughout the day, where you will be able to meet us, members of the band and some of the Judy-Team. On a day like that there is lots of running around, but we'll try to be at the stand again and again to talk with as many of you as possible.
In the evening at the end of the exhibition, the first ever MMC (Message Music Contest) award will be presented. The Evangelical church, WORLD VISION, the "Stiftung Christliche Medien" (Christian Media Fund), the entertainment magazine Gong, RTL Television and the newspaper "Welt am Sonntag" (World on Sunday) joined together and asked all Germany to send in songs. A surprising 608 (!!!) entries on the themes "issues of humanity, belief and hope came in and from a preselection of titles, the jury (made up of Mola Adebisi, Thomas Stein, Markus Sprengler, Inga Rumpf & Judy Bailey) had the task of choosing those who would make it to the finals.

And so the finalists will perform in a Gala after the Promikon exhibition in Mannheim, and it will be up to the audience at the event to choose the winner via their mobile phones. In addition Patrick Nuo & Judy Bailey along with a few others will have special performances. For all Info and tickets, contact


We kept quiet till it was definite; and now it is: In November we will be the Support Act for Soehne Mannheims for 5 dates on their tour. We'll be in different corners of Germany and of course we are hoping that lots of you will come out and support us - LOUDLY :-)

18.11.04 Bremen - Pier 2
19.11.04 Hannover - Stadionsporthalle
20.11.04 Zwickau - Stadthalle
21.11.04 Frankfurt - Jahrhunderthalle
23.11.04 Leipzig - Haus Auensee

Xavier Naidoo and company just made it to Number 1 in summer with their album "Noiz" and also were right up there in the Single charts with the wonderful "Vielleicht". It seems like each year we've been meeting 2-3 of the Soehne over a few years now. Who would have thought that it would come this far :-)
We're really happy to have this chance and looking forward to how it will all turn out. More Tour info (eg. what colour to wear at which gig) can be found at

Judy Bailey - Found the sun -

Between all the concerts and touring, we've been working on our new album for months now, back and forth between Germany and England. "Found the sun" is out now with Edel/J*Star: Found the sun!!! You can buy it!
If you've been to a concert of ours recently, you'll already know a few of the songs. Others are totally new. The sound is definitely a good step forward and we are really looking forward to it! Looks as if there are a couple surprises on the album!
In this summer we´were able to take some super photos in Barbados (Judy's island home) for the cover.
Further infos will follow.


Don´t forget to check out Judy´s diary. This is where you´ll get the most up to date info on what Judy and band are up to. New to the diary will be photos so you can get more of a taste of what´s going on!


Really the best "news update" happens when you come by personally, and you've got several chances to do that this year. So why not check out to see when we are near you. If we're not in your area, give us a shout & invite us 'round. It just might work out?!

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